Carolina Cemeteries

I have lived in North Carolina my whole life and I would not have it any other way.  The culture here is diverse, friendly, and welcoming but is sometimes insular, close-minded, and unwelcoming, which got me thinking…how did we get this way? What is North and South Carolina culture and from whom did it originate?  Granted, regions of the Carolinas do have different cultures, and of course, stereotypes, so I became more interested in the culture of my neck of the woods which was once known as the “backcountry”– that place where people living on the coast dare not go, that was unsettled, wild, and barely navigable.  Cue the cemeteries!

This is where cemeteries and gravestones caught my attention.  The Carolina backcountry, and the South in general, are full of them! And not in the same way that the Northeast is, they are literally everywhere–from your typical Church or town cemetery to those tucked away in woods or in people’s backyards.  It is even possible that this yard was once a place where people buried their dead:

And who would think that off a typical looking Carolina road like this:

Could hide something like this:

Old Scottish Cemetery, Candor, N.C.


These hidden cemeteries have much to offer about our past and our culture.  The way the stones are shaped, what is carved on them and who carved the stones give us glimpses of past Carolina culture and how it evolved into to what we it as today.  This is the reason I have started site.  I hope to share what I learn about cemeteries with those who are interested, and hopefully get more people interested in the process.  These hidden cemeteries are often neglected or forgotten and deserve attention, so by sharing these places I hope that people can appreciate their historical significance and maybe foster dialogue that leads to saving and preserving them.